Awarded a Silver Medal at the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, as-well-as The Vodka Masters 2016 in London, UK!
A clean tasting premium vodka, proudly micro-distilled in small batches of 1200 and hand bottled at our urban distillery in Montreal. This vodka is made for Montrealers. Sophisticated, seductive and satisfying. Yours to create original, vibrant and fun cocktails that reflect the joie de vivre of Montreal. Made from high quality, locally grown sweet corn, quadruple-distilled and proofed down with pristine water sourced from Quebec. Finally, MVodka is carbon filtered five times to further refine the taste. Pure and clean with nothing added. The result: an exceptionally smooth and natural vodka for your drinking pleasure and ours.

SAQ product code MVodka 750ml: 12880113

Now available in the half size bottle!
SAQ product code MVodka 375ml: 13142825

Tasting notes and a review by Difford's Guide

Outside of Quebec, please contact us.